We are so lucky in Santa Rosa to have such a variety of places to buy fresh vegetables.

And if you manage to miss one of the almost daily markets, thankfully, our urban farms are open and can help you stock your kitchen with the freshest in-season produce.


My favorite is Tierra Vegetables, located on the far north end of town, off the Fulton exit. You can see their fields from the freeway, and the big white barn greets you when you pull off the exit. Despite being situated between the freeway and busy roads, once you pull in to the family run farm, its easy to forget exactly how urban you are.


When I visited last week to pick up some onions (one of the things I fail epically at growing in my own garden), I took some time to wander around in the fields to see what else they had growing. While not certified organic, its easy to tell that Tierra Vegetables is a sustainable farm.


The fields are full of life, and in my short visit I spotted bees, 3 different types of butterflies and even a pair of quail, who scurried away under the tomato vines before I could get a picture. I admired the stands of dill they had growing between the crops, which I made note of to remember to come back for when I started another batch of pickles.


Back at the white barn patio, I picked out some red onions from the bins, which were next to cucumbers, early tomatoes, and cabbage. Inside I took some time wondering if I wanted to buy a boat of strawberries, and admired the assortment of kettles and pots filled with dried heirloom beans, in all different colors and sizes.


This bean selection is one of my favorite offerings from Tierra, but not wanting to cook up beans in this heat, I passed this time; knowing I’ll be back in the fall to stock up for soups. In the corner, you can also find a freezer full of sauces and prepared foods. They also have a wide selection of hot sauces and dried peppers.


In the side room I chatted with a women who was packing up the basil portion of her CSA share. Weekly CSA members can opt-in for a delivery, or come to the farm and put together their own boxes from the carefully laid out selection, with the offerings and weight written on chalkboards. She said she loved supporting the local farm, and having fresh produce was just the best.


There are about 13 acres under cultivation at the barn location, and another 10 a ways down the street. All of the prepared foods are made in a commercial kitchen in Windsor. I really love supporting business that support both the community and the environment, and which are obvious core values of this urban farm. Tierra Vegetables accepts EBT payment for both the CSA program and the produce sold from the farm stand. When I asked the women working at the counter, she said that unfortunately not many people know about it, and they only have a customer once every few days taking advantage.


So instead of running to the grocery store, I encourage you to stop by Tierra the next time you need some fresh produce!
651 Airport Blvd., Santa Rosa

Summer Hours:
Tuesday thru Friday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Saturday 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Sunday 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM