Hurry over to Brew this Friday, December 16th for the annual Matryoshka show.

I’m not gonna lie – this is my favorite time of year. My calendar is jam-packed with craft fairs, art shows, and every kind of perfect holiday community-gathering event one can think of. A new favorite is the Matryoshka Show!

Once again filling the warm walls of Santa Rosa’s favorite little coffee and beer hub, Brew, these creatively painted Russian nesting dolls will be on display and for sale on December 16th, from 6pm until 10pm. With nearly 30 different artists taking part in this year’s show, event creator Melinda Sterne is excited to see what they come up with.

The event is one night only, and was created with the purpose of putting cool art out there into the world during the holiday season, when people are looking for unique and handcrafted gifts. Each set of dolls is set up for bidding, which is actually pretty dangerous for me because I am a very competitive person. Luckily, 100% of the proceeds go back to the artists, so we can all feel good about our bidding war antics. Or, mine. I try all of the antics.

This year’s Matryoshka Doll event features an impressive lineup of both professional artists and makers, as well as those who like to dabble and had their interests sparked after attending last year’s event. The dolls will be as varied as the styles and imaginations of their painters, and you will not want to miss your chance to take one home. While you peruse and plan your bid, don’t forget that Brew not only serves coffee, tea and other non-alcoholic beverages, they also have a great selection of beer and wine, as well as food! Try their avocado toast. Trust me – it’s deeeeelish.

See you on the 16th!

Matryoshka Show location:
Brew, 555 Healdsburg Ave, Santa Rosa 95401
Event info on Facebook – HERE


  • Aaron Lucey
  • Adriana Roberts
  • Amanda Filippetti
  • Anthony Celeri
  • Asher Katz
  • Bonanza Mazur
  • Commodore Saxon Warrik Kingmaker
  • Eric Thomas Bostrom
  • Erin Opperman
  • Gabe Katz
  • Gary LaBonte
  • Gregory Thompson
  • Hannah Cadigan
  • Jan Zeitlin
  • Julia Reid
  • Julian Paris
  • Loren Butchart
  • Loren Hansen
  • Lydia Fossgreen
  • Matt Cadigan
  • Merisha Lemmer
  • Mr. Hensen
  • Nicholas Haig-Arack
  • Ruth Alison Donovan
  • Ryan Taylor
  • Soli
  • Venka Workshop