At Mortified, people reveal the most cringe-worthy, awkwardly hormonal moments of their youth in front of complete strangers. It’s like therapy. Only you get to laugh.

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So take your emo-black sharpie and block out Saturday, April 30th because the worldwide-hit, smash-phenomenon, most awkwardness-embracing stage show ever will soon be sharing the shame of our weird and horny teenage years at Annie O’s Music Hall.

frank2 - CopyAt every hilarious, angst-filled Mortified show, five brave, every-day people share the most embarrassing artifacts from those wonkiest years of their youth. Diaries, songs, poems, letters, audiotapes, videos – the side of your life you imagined (hoped, prayed) would never see the light of day again. That’s the star of the show.

markSanta Rosa’s initial ‘field trip’ show, which brought up readers from San Francisco (not in a school bus, but keep that image in your head for the sake of consistency) was a sold out, cram-packed event which left those lucky enough to be there begging for more. Kind of like those never-ending make-out sessions from your early hormonal years, but much less confusing. Tickets just went on sale and while they are indeed already selling at a surprisingly steady pace (people love underdog nerds, what can we say?!) there’s still time to get yours!

MeridethHere are just a few things you’ll get to hear about: one Santa Rosa woman’s quest for middle-school badassery; a grown man shares his insensitivity toward women by pretending he’s gay; a high school English teacher sings the original goth-loving lyrics written in her youth; and so much more!

PrintAlso featuring the improvisational hip-hop stylings of members of the San Francisco-based band The Freeze! And by ‘improvisational’ we mean, yes, they make up songs based on whatever they – and you – just heard for the first time ever.

It. Is. Phenomenal!

For tickets (and we’re not just saying this…you should really buy yours NOW because they will, no-doubt-about-it, sell out), click here: TICKETS YAY!
For the Facebook event page and info, click here: SOCIAL CONNECTION YAY!
See you on April 30th at Annie O’s!

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