Meet Rachel Blodgett, creator of Serpent & Bow and Santa Rosa resident artist and craftsperson.

Rachel has a special relationship with the color blue. It speaks to her. On several levels. But when she started working with indigo dyes to make her beautiful garments, she never imagined how much it would come to mean. To her. And to the people who cherish the deeply personal clothes she makes.

Serpent & Bow is a labor of love for Rachel. Working with botanical dyes, Indigo, beeswax, and natural fibers, she creates garments and textiles that honor the connection between physical body and spirit, serving as talismans of courage, liberty, and the life-sustaining power of hope. Her words.

Santa Rosa is rich with artists, makers and craftspeople like Rachel. Thoughtful. Expressive. Passionate. Talented. And, of course, a little out there.

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