Heritage Public House’s menu is a testimony to the state of California’s craft beer business.

IMG_0057Roman D​’Argenzio is an imposing figure. The beard. The ink. The leather. At a glance you’d be more likely to take him for the leader of a biker gang than the GM of a gastro pub. But this is Santa Rosa and around here out there is the norm. So Dino (as his friends call Roman) seems perfectly suited behind the bar at Heritage Public House, the drinking/dining establishment he established on Mendocino Ave. in downtown SR.

IMG_0188-2Eat well. Drink up. Those are the words you pass under on the way in. And, while there’s an eclectic selection of pub food on the menu, it’s the beer list that draws crowds here, and rightfully so. Deep and ever changing, it’s a veritable who’s who of California’s best brews.

IMG_0046As Dino tells it, there are lots of great beers made in the world. But the beers of California are good enough, diverse enough, and endlessly interesting enough to warrant a place of their own. He created Heritage Public House to be that place.

IMG_0178As much creative director as general manager, Dino deliberated over every last detail. From the light fixtures to the artist-painted walls. From the pop-up art shows he puts together to his dabbling in brewing his own beer under the guidance of a classically and internationally trained brew master.

IMG_0125Heritage Public House is the kind of place that could only come from the imagination, passion and calloused hands of a Santa Rosa native like Dino. So take our recommendation and swing by. Eat well. And drink up.