Want a unique eating experience that only Santa Rosa can provide?  Visit The Pharmacy Café on Sonoma Avenue.

Yup, that’s what I said – a food pharmacy full of healthy fast food!  Shove the chemically laden fast food wrap and the wallet emptying famous chef owned restaurant  aside and grab a bite of this place. Sorry not, sorry – I prefer my food healthy and affordable. Unlike a real pharmacy, the place is super cozy.

-2Time to put down your phone, kids, and take a look around!  With a variety of already packed and freshly made meals loaded with veggies, and a culinary cosmos of noms to shop for, you will leave happier and healthier than when you walked in. The atmosphere is a good balance between farm country style and its older years as a real mom and pop run pharmacy. The open kitchen, high ceilings and modern touches create a totally calming vibe. With the big decision abreast of what to eat (the struggle is real!), I was forced to choose something from the list of wholesome and yummy looking menu items. With things like avocado sandwiches, strawberry salad, root beer kefir and house made cream cheese, you seriously can’t lose. Vegan, vegetarian, health conscious and hearty eaters alike will find themselves happy here.

-4I enjoyed an awesome beet sandwich with the house ginger kombucha.  The sandwich was as gorgeous as it was tasty with perfectly balanced flavors and just robust enough to make me feel energized. The ginger kombucha was perfect, light and refreshing and probably one of the only kombuchas I would drink even if it wasn’t healthy. Just to make sure I didn’t starve to death an hour later, I took this dreamy little doughy, cheesy, pretzel-like ball of love with me. The memory of it alone will haunt me until I return for another.  Seriously, it was on point.

-1In addition to all of this, they have super cool garden plants to shop for too. I was unable to leave without a couple of lovely pepper plants and two packs of heirloom beans. Although, I could have gone hog wild with all of the temptation, sadly I have no trust fund to fall back on. Will I be back?  Without question. The place is totally unique to anything I have seen before! And yes, they serve rad coffee (not bitter) and espressos.

-5Special Shout Out There to guest blogger Robyn Grace Jennings for this post. Robyn is a freelance writer, enthusiastic gardener and cook and crazy chicken lady.  She can be reached at rng@rocketmail.com.