Santa Rosa is proud to showcase our city’s incredible collection of artists by commissioning original pieces for the Out There In The Middle of Everything campaign. If you like what you see, you can purchase prints, or perhaps a t-shirt at the SR Store by clicking here.

Bud SnowBud Snow has produced murals up and down the west coast from her native Vancouver Canada to Los Angeles, including several for the Sonoma County Museum. Her line work has influences from North American indigenous artworks of the Pacific Northwest as well as modern painters like Keith Haring and BLU. See more of Bud’s amazing work at

You can also venture a guess at the true meaning of the Santa Rosa insider terms in her featured piece by clicking here.

Or learn more about the Santa Rosa mural scene here.

You can also follow Bud Snow on twitter: @bud_snow_murals and on Instagram: @bud_snow