Thanks to Santa Rosa’s ever-growing network of Little Free Libraries, that search for your next book is about to get way more fun. (and free)

Perhaps you’ve noticed them: small, often house-shaped boxes in front of someone’s home, usually with the words ‘Free’ and ‘Library’ painted on them. Some are painted to match the home they belong to, some are wildly bright and colorful. Inside all of them are books of all genres, all free for the taking.


Little Free Libraries are a worldwide book-based treasure hunt. By ‘treasure hunt’ I mean that books are the treasure, and while some of the ‘libraries’ are easy to find and are registered on the website with their actual addresses, others just have longitude and latitude clues, while others aren’t registered at all. These are the truly fun ones to find, and I’ve trained my eyes and those of my children to spot the abundant Little Free Libraries around Santa Rosa as we drive or bike around town.


I’ve created a map of the LFL’s in Santa Rosa which I’m aware of, or have been told about. Some are very specific in their location, but some just say they’re near an intersection, or somewhere on a street. Think of this as an opportunity to slow down, look up, and notice your surroundings in this otherwise fast-paced, busy and rushed world we live in. You’re welcome!

The spirit of these boxes of pure literary joy is to leave a book behind, or to take a book with you when you pass by, or both. Or neither, if you don’t have any reading material to share and nothing available catches your interest. Chances are if you visit again in a day or two the selection will have changed, so keep trying!


Do you know of a Little Free Library we should check out? Let us know in the comments. Maybe you’ll find your next favorite book right in the neighborhood!