john courage
Photo: Sarah Sanger

Santa Rosa has so much noteworthy music that sometimes it can be difficult to stay on top of who’s playing where at any given time. Ah, the challenges of living in Santa Rosa, right? But here’s a simple solution. Mark your calendar for the monthly show John Courage puts on at everybody’s favorite pub, The Toad in the Hole.

On the third Sunday of every month, Courage – sometimes solo, sometimes with other musicians – stands before the room filled with friends and neighbors happily sipping beers and eating Shepherd’s Pie to play his guitar and sing some songs. A striking tall figure with lots of red hair and a voice for bluesy Americana with a badass rocker side which comes to visit sometimes, John Courage’s songs are made for sidling up to at that perfect part of the evening when you’re ready to feel a little bit dangerous, or a little bit moved.

Among other Santa Rosa favorites who have joined him, he’s welcomed to the stage Francesco Catina (otherwise known as Frances Wolfe), Henry Nagle of Eight Belles, Ashley Allred, and Josh Windmiller of The Crux. Each lends their own particular sound and style along to that of Courage, who describes his sound as ‘Sad Disco meets California Soul’. Some are more electronic and experimental, some a bit dreamier, some bring the edge. It’s clear that whoever shares the stage with John Courage is a welcome friend, and a good time is definitely being had by all.

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The show is always free and perfectly complimented by the dozen or more beers available at The Toad, or a glass of local wine. Settle in with the other over-21’s with some dinner, like Bangers & Mash, a flaky hot pastie, or just a healthy serving of super garlicky fries.

John Courage

Don’t forget: John Courage, third Sunday of every month, free!

 Toad in the Hole Pub: 116 5th Street, Santa Rosa – 707-544-TOAD

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