Hands down, ice cream is my favorite dessert. And Shuffles’s Magical Ice Cream Shoppe is one of my favorite places to grab a scoop of ice cream in Santa Rosa.

Shuffle's Ice Cream in Santa Rosa store sandwich boardIf you’re walking in for the first time, there is a chance you might not know what to make of it. Part ice cream parlor, part entertainment venue, and part magic shop, Shuffles Ice Cream in Santa Rosa really has it all. On the wall to the right are cases and displays with instruments of magic. Once you walk past some old-school video games and pinball machines, you’ll see the sparkling glass ice cream counter. Behind that, a rich purple velvet curtain, covering a stage.

Shuffle's Ice Cream magic suppliesIf it is slow, the counter clerk might do a few magic tricks for you. Some of the staff come to Shuffles’s already active in magic, others pick it up from the surroundings. The first time we came in, the owner, JP, showed us some tricks. Over a year later, I’m still confused by how, exactly, he turned one ball in my husband’s hand into three – without touching. I just don’t get it!

Shuffle's Ice Cream in Santa Rosa flavorsI may not get magic, but I’m well versed in high-quality and delicious ice cream. And JP is a master. He makes everything fresh in-house. When one batch of a flavor is gone, he makes another, often trying new concoctions. At our most recent visit, the selection included standards like strawberry, but also fun flavors like chai, green tea, apple pie, sweet potato, and eggnog. The young magician helping us said his favorite was blueberry cheesecake, but the most popular flavor is grasshopper, made from chocolate mint ice cream with chocolate oreo cookies.

Shuffle's Ice Cream in Santa Rosa chocolate on a spoonShuffles’s provides traditional ice cream fare: floats, sundaes, malts, and of course, multiple sizes of scoops, which are some of the most affordable in the county. After sampling several flavors, (using tiny real metal spoons! No plastic crap here!) I decided on a half scoop of sweet potato and a half scoop of apple pie. Both had an underlying flavor of brown sugar that was delicious as they combined in my glass ice cream bowl. My husband’s choice was less adventurous, but equally as delicious: double chocolate fudge and strawberry.

Shuffle's Ice Cream in Santa Rosa, empty dishesWe have yet to make it to one of their magic shows (Friday nights at 8:00, $5/ Kids Show Saturdays at 10:30am, $10 w/ice cream), but hope to make it to the improv comedy night this coming weekend.

Make sure to follow them on Facebook for event and the latest ice cream news:https://www.facebook.com/shufflesicecream