Kenny Likitprakong (sound it out) has been making wine under his Hobo Wine Company label since 2002. Driven by wanderlust, Kenny took Hobo from the Monterey Coast, to the mountains of Santa Cruz, to Potter Valley, and everywhere in between. Speaking of his youth, Kenny said, “I think I spent a lot of my late teens and early twenties chasing the rambling ways of the American Hobo.”

In that tradition, he was reluctant to call any one place his home, making his wine in custom crush facilities and barrel cellars of welcoming wineries throughout northern California.

tumblr_nphrf4421U1r4n09co1_500This rootless existence, however, had its advantages. Kenny had the flexibility to choose the grape, vineyard, appellation, and the winery on an ongoing basis. He added, “And with a larger circle of people involved you get more ideas and expertise.”

But some journeys come to an end, and in 2013 Hobo Wine Company put down roots. It should be noted that Kenny is something of a walking contradiction. He’s meticulous and painstaking in his winemaking, but relaxed and casual in his demeanor. Warehouse4

His newly completed facility, a refurbished downtown warehouse, reflects that spirit; part club house, part state-of-the-art artisanal winery at its finest. “The best thing about small-lot winemaking is the fun. You can do anything you want,” he said.

In addition to the Hobo Wine Company brand, Kenny and his small crew developed an eclectic number of spin-off brands that reflect the diversity in the wines they are producing.

HOBO_grandeThe original Hobo wines are all Sonoma County, focusing on Cabernet Sauvignon and Zinfandel, showcasing the varied qualities from the countless appellations across the county.

CAMP_grandeThe Camp label is Sonoma County as well, but the focus is on value. Working with some talented growers from lesser-known vineyards, the Camp wines are food friendly and affordable.

Banyan_grandeSpeaking of food-friendly, Hobo Wine Company created Banyan with the cuisine of Southeast Asia in mind. Originally offering a number of aromatic whites, the line has been trimmed down to just their most popular wine, the Banyan Monterey County Gewürztraminer.

FolkMachine_grandeFolk Machine started as their Pinot Noir focused brand, but quickly became host to more esoteric varietals like Chenin Blanc, Charbono, and Tocai Friulano.

MakeWork_grandeMakeWork is Hobo Wine Company’s experimental brand, featuring extremely small lots of wines that may (or may not) become a permanent member of the Hobo Wine Company family.

You can find Hobo Wine Company brands all over Sonoma County but Kenny and his crew are happy to host private tastings. Just off the railroad tracks (of course) Hobo Wine Company is located at 412 Timothy Road, Suite C, in Santa Rosa. Call Kenny at (707)887-0833 for an appointment or email