When I was a kid, I concocted the most amazing snack: toasted white bread smeared with butter, then topped with a healthy handful of sweetened shredded coconut. I called it “ghosty toast.”

I was probably 7 or so and thought I was a brilliant chef.

I had totally forgotten about my ghosty toast until I went into the recently opened East Wind Bakery on Sebastopol Road. This Asian-fusion bakery had a wide range of things I wanted to try, like the steamed pork buns or the banana kaya cream tartlet, but it was the coconut croissant that caught my eye. After one bite, and tasting the combination of butter, flakey pastry and sweet coconut, I had flashbacks of my toast creation. So unbelievably good, and so happy that someone else had the thoughts to combine these amazing flavors, and much better than I had managed. Clearly, coconut was always meant to be layered inside a croissant. I quickly ate up the rest.


I’ve been in a few more times, to get another coconut croissant, but to also try other things. I haven’t quite decided if I prefer the red bean or the purple yam bun the best, but really enjoyed the sample earl gray milk bread the counter staff offered me. With its airy texture, I bet it would be great made into french toast. They also offer lunch service, with salads and sandwiches, as well as coffee and tea.

Many of the pastries and desserts are seasonally driven, as I could tell from the persimmon sponge cakes and galettes, so I know their menu will change regularly. I sure hope those coconut croissants don’t go anywhere!

East Wind Bakery: eastwindbakery.com
3851 Sebastopol Road #109, Santa Rosa
Hours: Tue – Fri 8am to 4pm, Sat 9am to 5pm, Sun 9am to 3pm