By: Angela Arguelles

Sometimes what you see is not what you get. And that is a part of what is great about the world we live in. If I were to drive past Harry’s Market, with it’s monochrome signage I would never, ever think to stop for more than an emergency bag of Funyuns and a can of Guayaki. I couldn’t conceive of a more unremarkable locale. Once I stepped inside, I just had a feeling it was gonna work out. Derek Muro immediately warmed my heart with his Death Angel hat and soundtrack to match. He proudly proclaims his association as a graduate of CIMC, the California Indian Manpower Consortium, Inc which enables Native American Entrepreneurs to achieve their goals. The menu is short and sweet, with variations on authentic Native American fry bread. According to the sign, they use Blue Bird flour, which after a quick search is the gold standard for the most legitimate fry bread to be had. Derek is serving up a huge portion of delicately fried scratch made dough filled with meaty, salty, unctuous goodness worthy of healing anything from a broken heart to a mean hangover. And if by some odd circumstance you are not into tacos, they also have a pizza version or a rez dog on a stick to satisfy all your savory cravings. One Super Native Taco is enough to feed more than one or have a hearty lunch the next day. If you’re feeling a sweet tooth coming on, you can opt for a dessert version with wildberry jam or honey cinnamon. Either way, bring a dish towel or some wet naps because you are gonna get messy.