Continuing to bless all of Santa Rosa and beyond with an impressively vast array of music both recorded and live, The Last Record Store prepares to welcome a new band into the fold: Old Century Blood.

Made up of seasoned Sonoma County musicians, Old Century Blood offers listeners a “vibrant and dynamic form of indie rock that stands out in its uniqueness”. The band boasts the talents of guitarist and vocalist Christopher James, who has shared the stage with such acts as Bill Frisell and Jessie Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter, the beautiful and mysterious vocals and piano of Kirana Peyton, formerly of Faun Fables, and the sweet, soulful sounds of vocalist and pianist Joni Davis, a Santa Rosa local and Sonoma County favorite, who has opened for both K.D. Lang and Aimee Mann, among others.

old century blood on stageIt’s always inspiring to hear how musicians come together with their specific creative offering to blend their hard work and raw talents into something new and exciting, and this band not only clearly knows what sound they’re going for, they are getting it with straight-up talented craftsmanship. In my quest for a description of what one might hear from Old Century Blood, I came across this rather resounding description: “Sonic landscapes provide a backdrop to idiosyncratic poetic lyrics, violin solos, and soaring male/female harmonies.”. Wow, okay. I am a fan of soaring, so I was already sold with that one. According to singer/guitarist Christopher James, “This is music to which people can dance, then cry, and then dance again.”

No one can ever accuse me of not enjoying a good dance-cry-dance, that’s for sure. See you on Saturday, May 28th, at our favorite place to buy and hear music. You know the place.

Old Century Blood at The Last Record Store: Saturday, May 28th at 2:10pm

1899 Mendocino Avenue, Santa Rosa 95401 – 707-525-1963