Get your kerchiefs and cowboy boots out, friends: the new Eight Belles album has been released and it is everything we were hoping for.

 Not only that – Santa Rosa just happens to be the luckiest gal in Sonoma County because this Saturday, December 12th, Eight Belles is having their record release party at The Last Record Store from 2:00 – 4:00. The swoony-voiced Jessi Phillips of Oakland and Santa Rosa-born wonder guitarist Henry Nagle make up this indie-folk duo. To hear them live is to experience a full range of emotions and to leave feeling better able to breathe than before, all while contemplating life, love, and guitars.


Sometimes everything works out exactly as it should. This was the case on the day Henry and Jessi heard each other performing at a backyard party and knew they could make something special together. That being: music. Since that time they’ve written and performed all over the country, become great friends, released a critically-acclaimed first album, Girls Underground, and as of December 8th are the proud releasers of the aforementioned second album, Eight Belles. Engineered by Santa Rosa’s Ross Harris, the self-titled album has been in creation for three years with the help of many other wildly talented local and bay area musicians. The result is a record filled with Phillips’ signature melancholic range along with catchy, upbeat instrumentals underneath. There is more sonic variance to the Eight Belles Americana-rich sound than in their first release, which I personally listen to on every rainy evening, often while wearing a very large sweater and baking. Don’t ask me why; it just happens.

Kicking off the party will be local singer/songwriter Ashley Allred, who uses guitar, flute, and her sweet, ethereal voice to create a softly folk-infused dreamy and hopeful sound.

Ashley Allred

Show up early to shop from The Last Record Store’s vast selection of music (tis the season and all), stay late to give some love to the musicians (verbal only, please). Either way, be there, and be ready to feel.

The Last Record Store – 1899 Mendocino Avenue 707-525-1963

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