As this fair city’s intrepid beer and spirits ambassador I feel a deep sense of responsibility to give you a well-rounded perspective on the state of inebriation in Santa Rosa.

And while it’s fun to catch a buzz at wineries, and you certainly can’t deny the thrill of imbibing at Russian River Brewing Company’s altar of artisan brewing, there are times when all you’re really looking for is a place to settle down for a Thursday afternoon of drinking, sans the pomp and circumstance.

That sentiment led me to a locale I like to call the “Golden Triangle”. This cozy little corner of Santa Rosa is well known to locals, but could easily be overlooked by a thirsty traveler looking for a place to party where they can park the car and put away the keys for the night.

Within the Golden Triangle you can hit three establishments within a one-block radius, then catch a cab ride home when the pillow calls.

The first golden vertice is the 440 Club at 434 College Ave. Around the corner there’s the Round Robin at 616 Mendocino, and then Gary’s at the Belvedere at 727 Mendocino Ave.

These are establishments perhaps best defined by what you won’t find. You will not get hipster cocktails served by mixologists. No suspenders, handle bar mustaches or heaping helpings of irony. Just fair prices and stiff pours. If there’s a game on, you can chat Giants or 49ers with one of the locals. Grab a Bud to chase your shot of Jameson, then stroll to the next bar in between innings. You won’t miss a pitch.

As you stroll from bar to bar you’ll meet a rotating cast of local characters that guarantee to keep things at least interesting. If you linger until later in the evening you’ll find the place packed with people, mostly younger than me, there to make some memories and maybe a bad decision or two.

The Golden Triangle is a little slice of Santa Rosa that most tippling visitors miss in their thirsty pursuits of the perfect Pinot or fresh hopped ale. But I can assure you that those who stumble upon this city block of dive heaven won’t leave feeling disappointed, overcharged or underserved.