By: Angela Arguelles

Let me just say, I’m sorry. Because after you try this ice cream, you can’t go back. I’m not even a dessert person. I could easily eat a cheese plate and be totally satisfied. Now that I know it exists I can’t not eat it. Inside, Dave’s Market, a convenience store right off the 12, it is so easy to stop by that it could seriously affect my pretend Keto diet. Dave has been doing this nitro ice cream for quite awhile and it shows. The love is totally there with their commitment to organic whole ingredients and the perfect flavor combinations. I had bacon maple and as I was told by Lisa, the one that I adore, I was not surprised that it was some house made pork perfection. I also had the cookies and cream with fresh raspberries and apple pie a la mode. It’s ridiculous and they have the harvest fair ribbons to prove it. If you own a local restaurant you need to have this. Your customers will thank you. If you are lucky enough to not own a restaurant, want to impress your friends, or have no dessert skills then I guess we just worked some things out.