Get Dolled Up

Here's an idea for a unique gift that comes wrapped inside another, smaller unique gift, that's inside yet another even smaller unique gift and, well, you get the idea.

Mat Loren HansenMatryoshka Dolls originated as a traditionally Russian folk art form - increasingly smaller hand-painted dolls nesting one inside the other. We’ve all seen them, they are sometimes intricate, sometimes adorable, but on Friday evening more than 15 Santa Rosa artists will be taking this craft to a whole new level.

The Matryoshka Show at Brew ( will highlight the creative diversity found in Santa Rosa, featuring a babushka-sized laundry list of talented local artists, all showcasing their individual styles within this classic old world art.

Mat2If you’ve been looking for that perfect gift - the one that says, “Hey, I think you’re great and worthy of a gift I didn’t find online or in a big-box store.” this is that gift. All Matryoshka sets will be for sale, so all guests may leave with a mighty Russian song of joy in their hearts.

While the dolls are the stars of the show, they won’t be the only artwork to see. Brew’s current art exhibit featuring Free Art Friday work will remain up alongside the Matryoshka event. This is the perfect opportunity to finish up that shopping list in a way that actually feels good. Or, just get something to brighten up your own abode – no one is judging your love of art.

Mat3RyanTaylorFood will be available for purchase by HomeEc, one of Santa Rosa’s favorite pop-up restaurants. They are taking pre-orders for charcuterie boards and will be preparing delicious small plates, as well. Pair your snacks with a stiff espresso or a cool beer, as Brew sells both, and a variety of each at that.

To pre-order from HomeEc, click HERE (

The event is:


Friday, December 18

6 – 10 pm

At Brew – 555 Healdsburg Avenue, Santa Rosa CA 95401

On Facebook here:

Artists include:

  • Amanda Filippetti
  • Catherine Sieck
  • Eric Thomas Bostrom
  • Hannah Kurtz
  • Last1123
  • Loren Hansen
  • Matt Cadigan
  • Melinda Sterne
  • Mica Jennings
  • Nicholas Haig-Arack
  • Rachel Blodgett
  • Ruth Alison Donovan
  • Ryan Taylor
  • Stephan Silva
  • Venka Workshop