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For a city that prides itself on being a little out there, it’s no fun being stuck inside. Which is why we created Inside Out There. It’s a way to stay connected from a distance while enjoying and supporting the incredible arts and culture, food and bevs, fun and sense of community we love about Santa Rosa. So, check back regularly, follow us on social media and add your idea for content that you think will help keep Santa Rosa (inside) out there.


The go-to source for Santa Rosa food & bevs delivery and pick-up.


Santa Rosa grown meat and produce for delivery and pick-up.

As your trusted USDA inspected meat processing facility, Sonoma County Meat Co. is considered essential infrastructure during the COVID-19 crisis.

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A small farm south of Santa Rosa, CA growing diverse fruits and vegetables in a conscious regenerative way

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Their CSA program will get you a share of freshly-picked, sustainably-farmed, seasonal produce every week (or every other week)

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SR’s Music Scene For The Sheltered In Place


Schlee would like you to assume there is an astral body that is separate from the physical body. One must create the right atmosphere for this kind of travel. Consider Schlee your ticket to ride. Her sound is songwriter focused dream rock with a epic ambient textures.

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John Courage

John Courage has been honing his skills as a songwriter, guitarist and producer for over 10 years in the music communities of Northern California, with stints in the Pacific Northwest and the high desert of Santa Fe, New Mexico. With a flair for vintage inspired rock and roll that takes cue from the Texas singer songwriter scene of the 70’s, John Courage creates a sound that at once feels familiar yet urgent.

Timothy O’Neil

Brew To-Go


Brew Coffee and Beer House is a craft cafe serving specialty coffee, craft beer, wine and cider and locally sourced seasonal food. Brew is open for pick up and delivery from 7am to 3pm. Delivery is through DoorDash. For CURBSIDE PICK UP: Call us at 707-303-7372 to place your order (menu on our website). Park on the B street side of the building, call us when you arrive, and we will bring out to your car. Please have cash or card at the ready! 

Trail House To-Go

Trail House

While their bike rentals and events are on hold, Trail House is still open for pick-up orders 9am-6pm. Breakfast, snackables, sandwiches, coffee and BEER to go. Call in your order 707-843-4943. 

Rosso Pizzeria + Wine Bar

Rosso Pizzeria + Wine Bar

Pizza is everyone’s favorite comfort food and the Tuscan wood burning stoves at Rosso are still turning out Santa Rosa’ best neoplitan style pizza for take out, and delivery with their full selection of wine available to go at 20% off. Open 12pm-7pm. 53 Montgomery Dr, Santa Rosa. 707-544-3221.