Bountiful Backyard Food Scene

When someone mentions the food scene, they are usually talking about a pop-up bakery, the newest ethnic restaurant or the coolest food truck. But Santa Rosa’s food scene goes much deeper than our awesome restaurants, we’ve also got it going on in our own backyards.

Located in one of the best regions for growing fruits and veggies, we are lucky enough to have plentiful and delicious produce year round. In fall, we savor pumpkins and apples. In winter, we enjoy tender greens. The spring is bright with freshly picked peas and sun-sweetened strawberries. But here in Sonoma County, our gardens grow and thrive, and the foods of summer really take the star.
In back or front yard food gardens, you’ll find tomatoes turning red. Stone fruit hangs heavy on bowing branches. Corn towers amongst sunflowers while the purple flowers of eggplants peek out from heavy leaves. Freshly harvested herbs get added to every meal. Garlic and onions cure outside in the shade. Blackberries glow like jewels in a wall of deep green.
And the best part of our town’s bounty, it builds community and makes you friends! Friends are invited over to help share the season’s bounty of squash. Neighbors hand bowls of Santa Rosa plums over fences. Jars of freshly made jam from Blenheim apricots are left on doorsteps. Bouquets of basil are brought into work to share with office mates. Eggs from backyard hens are given as a thank you to your acupuncturist or to your esthetician. People are committed to eating good food, and not afraid to share!
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