The Russian Nesting Dolls
Are Coming

Hurry over to Brew this Friday, December 16th for the annual Matryoshka show.

I’m not gonna lie - this is my favorite time of year. My calendar is jam-packed with craft fairs, art shows, and every kind of perfect holiday community-gathering event one can think of. A new favorite is the Matryoshka Show!

Once again filling the warm walls of Santa Rosa’s favorite little coffee and beer hub, Brew, these creatively painted Russian nesting dolls will be on display and for sale on December 16th, from 6pm until 10pm. With nearly 30 different artists taking part in this year’s show, event creator Melinda Sterne is excited to see what they come up with.

The event is one night only, and was created with the purpose of putting cool art out there into the world during the holiday season, when people are looking for unique and handcrafted gifts. Each set of dolls is set up for bidding, which is actually pretty dangerous for me because I am a very competitive person. Luckily, 100% of the proceeds go back to the artists, so we can all feel good about our bidding war antics. Or, mine. I try all of the antics.

This year’s Matryoshka Doll event features an impressive lineup of both professional artists and makers, as well as those who like to dabble and had their interests sparked after attending last year’s event. The dolls will be as varied as the styles and imaginations of their painters, and you will not want to miss your chance to take one home. While you peruse and plan your bid, don’t forget that Brew not only serves coffee, tea and other non-alcoholic beverages, they also have a great selection of beer and wine, as well as food! Try their avocado toast. Trust me - it’s deeeeelish.

See you on the 16th!

Matryoshka Show location:
Brew, 555 Healdsburg Ave, Santa Rosa 95401
Event info on Facebook - HERE


  • Aaron Lucey
  • Adriana Roberts
  • Amanda Filippetti
  • Anthony Celeri
  • Asher Katz
  • Bonanza Mazur
  • Commodore Saxon Warrik Kingmaker
  • Eric Thomas Bostrom
  • Erin Opperman
  • Gabe Katz
  • Gary LaBonte
  • Gregory Thompson
  • Hannah Cadigan
  • Jan Zeitlin
  • Julia Reid
  • Julian Paris
  • Loren Butchart
  • Loren Hansen
  • Lydia Fossgreen
  • Matt Cadigan
  • Merisha Lemmer
  • Mr. Hensen
  • Nicholas Haig-Arack
  • Ruth Alison Donovan
  • Ryan Taylor
  • Soli
  • Venka Workshop


An Entirely Out There
All Hallows Eve

By Out There Guest Blogger Susanne Dugan


Its almost Halloween! And if you're a fan of ghouls and gasps, we’re all asking, “Where’s The Party!?” I mean, I want the whole shebang! Ghosts, witches, monsters, devils, zombies! Where do all the freaks come out?!

Well, my fellow Goblins, look no further. I present to you the annual freak-show of Santa Rosa's ALL HALLOW'S EVE #4, on October 29 at Annie O’s Music Hall. Produced by Jake Ward Presents  and your local oddities, North Bay Cabaret.

Hosting the show for the first time, Annie O’s in Railroad Square has three unique settings. In the front room, epic Vinyl DJ’s Mister Element and Shifty Shey will be spinning hits all night. Upstairs in the lounge, you can get comfy and watch the show from a safe distance. While in the main room, brace yourself, for this is where only the daring proceed!

Royal Jelly Jive

Musical line-up for the night features headliner Royal Jelly Jive, local groove ambassadors, bringing swing, hip hop, rock and soul to the grave-yard bash! Also on the bill is Oakland’s Oinga Boinga, an all female Oingo Boingo tribute band, and For the Ladies, an Oakland rock band with live “Beansy" boy-lesque, an “algorithm of sounds that has been described as an audible aphrodisiac...A Fender amplified pheromone.“

Oinga Boinga

But at North Bay Cabaret, variety is the spice of life. So Jake Ward created a night filled with side shows to keep the spectator thrilled and spooked!  With circus acts, aerialists, amazing feats of human strength, an audience-judged costume contest, insect petting zoo, spooky puppetry by Shadow Circus Creature Theater, and Selfie Station Photo Booth!

That’s not all! There will be fiery burlesque featuring Eva D’Lusciousfounder of Cabaret De Caliente, returning to Sonoma County for this special occasion! And for the gamers… Pokemon-Go-Go Dancers!

This kind of spectacle only happens once a year. So, if you have a taste for the exciting and absurd, this night is your chance to be part of the show! Doors open at 7:00pm, pre-sale tickets are available at, and you can learn more about the event and North Bay Cabaret on Facebook.

susanned-copySusanne's Bio:

Susanne Dugan has been an active member of the Santa Rosa grassroots art and culture community since moving to Sonoma County in November 2011. As an organizing member of the Arlene Francis Center from 2012-2014, she was introduced to numerous aspects of local activity. Introduced to community activism and volunteerism at a young age, fostering and supporting local arts and encouraging freedom of expression, are parts of a personal philosophy, to help people and communities make positive, progressive changes. She works now as an audio engineer, equipment technician and events specialist at Diversified Stage in Santa Rosa.




Little Free Libraries

Thanks to Santa Rosa's ever-growing network of Little Free Libraries, that search for your next book is about to get way more fun. (and free)

Perhaps you’ve noticed them: small, often house-shaped boxes in front of someone’s home, usually with the words ‘Free’ and ‘Library’ painted on them. Some are painted to match the home they belong to, some are wildly bright and colorful. Inside all of them are books of all genres, all free for the taking.


Little Free Libraries are a worldwide book-based treasure hunt. By ‘treasure hunt’ I mean that books are the treasure, and while some of the ‘libraries’ are easy to find and are registered on the website with their actual addresses, others just have longitude and latitude clues, while others aren’t registered at all. These are the truly fun ones to find, and I’ve trained my eyes and those of my children to spot the abundant Little Free Libraries around Santa Rosa as we drive or bike around town.


I’ve created a map of the LFL’s in Santa Rosa which I’m aware of, or have been told about. Some are very specific in their location, but some just say they’re near an intersection, or somewhere on a street. Think of this as an opportunity to slow down, look up, and notice your surroundings in this otherwise fast-paced, busy and rushed world we live in. You’re welcome!

The spirit of these boxes of pure literary joy is to leave a book behind, or to take a book with you when you pass by, or both. Or neither, if you don’t have any reading material to share and nothing available catches your interest. Chances are if you visit again in a day or two the selection will have changed, so keep trying!


Do you know of a Little Free Library we should check out? Let us know in the comments. Maybe you'll find your next favorite book right in the neighborhood!


The Bard Under The Stars

By Guest Blogger Estefany Gonzalez

Shakespeare in the Cannery offers something that other plays do not – an outdoor venue put together by members of the Santa Rosa Community.

The Cannery not only brings performance art to life, but it also brings a sense of sharing and looking out for one another. shakespeare in the canneryWhile most play venues offer cushy seats, climate controlled rooms and fancy overpriced wine, this hand built theatre makes you forget you need any of those luxuries. On play days you’ll find the audience sitting in the grass drinking boxed wine while the summer sun beats down on both actors and patrons. After intermission, once the cold summer night wind takes it’s toll on attendees, you can find an area to borrow an extra blanket.shakespeare in the canneryThis alternative venue was first built in 2014, on the remains of what used to be the California Packing Company’s Plant No. 5, on Third Street. Like a phoenix, the Cannery rose from the ruins of an old broken down building. Passionate actors, artist and hardworking locals spent their time to create a place for theatre arts in the heart of our town. Located in the Historic Rail Road Square district, the venue burst with true Santa Rosa culture.DSC_0123What makes this non-profit  theatre project special is that it’s done completely by donations and vaulters. Two of the biggest contributors are The Loading Zone, a collective of actors and playwrights and The Arlene Francis Center.shakespeare in the canneryThe first year offered a performance of Romeo and Juliet with the Shakespearian comedy Twelfth Night performed following year. This season locals are spoiled with two different plays. The Shakespeare classic Macbeth, a tale of betrayal, murder and greed, ran from July 1 to 23. But if you missed it, you can still catch an original comedy titled The Plot Against Shakespeare from August 12 to 27.shakespeare in the canneryFor more information on Shakespeare in the Cannery click here: www.ShakespeareInThCcannery.comestafany

Estefany Gonzalez is a writer and photographer from Santa Rosa. She spends most of her time at local concerts and taking pictures. She’s written for The North Bay Bohemian, The Bay Bridged, KQED and other publications. You can see her photography portfolio and find links to her social media