King Ridge

king ridge ::    road
Ability Level:    advanced
Mileage    50 miles
Elevation gain    6,000 feet
Weather    Generally mild
Hazards    Potholes, open range cattle, no shoulder, technical descents,
limited cell service/groceries/water, eye-watering inspiration
Start/Finish    duncans mills

This is not a stone slate. No fire shall come from the sky to inscribe commandments upon it. No voice shall boom instructions for your salvation. It’s a guide. A series of suggestions designed to give you the tools you need to create the best ride you can in our fine fair woods. It’s up to you to link the choice routes listed here or take them on their own. Take a 50-mile route and make it 85. Tack on that extra hill. Or head home early. It’s your ride, your time. We’re just giving honest, local advice to people on whose faces.
Pull out the map and pore over the possibilities. It’s the best warm-up you could possibly have.

This is the one. The course that 7500 people from around the world come to Sonoma County to ride at Levi’s GranFondo. It’s aptly named and not for the faint of heart or quad. Travel through ancient redwood-lined canyons before bursting out on the edge-of-a-butcher’s-knife ridge line above. Drink in views in every direction of coastal hills, impressive foglines, deep ravines, and, on a good day, the distant Sierra Nevada. Extend the length and exaltation of this ride by starting in Occidental and returning from Highway 1 via Coleman Valley Road. (See other rides in the guide.)


Clown street fair


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