For those who prefer self propulsion to internal combustion-based modes of transportation, Santa Rosa is a pedaling paradise. Whether you're a roadie, off-roader or urban cruiser, you'll feel right at home in Santa Rosa.

The #OutThereSR Welcome Wagon

Wouldn't it be cool if there were a place to share stories, maybe hear some local music and, generally, celebrate all that’s cool, fun and interesting about Santa Rosa?

Well, now there is such a place. Okay, even better, that place can be just about anywhere.


Meet the new Santa Rosa mobile story booth, music venue, pop-up store and local artist showcase. AKA: The Welcome Wagon.
With the help of a handful of local artists, storytellers, image crafters and clever industrialists, a retired bread delivery truck has been converted into a mobile kiosk for documenting the more “out there” side of Santa Rosa culture.
You’ll find it at local festivals, events, farmers markets and any place the people of Santa Rosa gather. When you see it, stop by. Share your personal connection to Santa Rosa, and invite your friends to our fair city. Your photo or video will be posted here on this site for you to see and share. Listen to some local music – it’s also a mobile sound stage. Check out a unique and ongoing collection of local artwork. And shop the collection of distinctive Santa Rosa merchandise.
See you Out There.

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For those more into craft brewed beers and urban subculture than tasting rooms and luxury estates, Santa Rosa is a little slice of city in the center of Sonoma County. No manicured gardens or gift shops – we’re talking brewpubs and grub here. No dainty tastes – mostly pints and growlers. So if your love of libations leans more towards suds and hops than sniffs and swirls, we’ll see you Out There in Santa Rosa.