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At Mortified, people reveal the most cringe-worthy, awkwardly hormonal moments of their youth in front of complete strangers. It's like therapy. Only you get to laugh.

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So take your emo-black sharpie and block out Saturday, April 30th because the worldwide-hit, smash-phenomenon, most awkwardness-embracing stage show ever will soon be sharing the shame of our weird and horny teenage years at Annie O’s Music Hall.

frank2 - CopyAt every hilarious, angst-filled Mortified show, five brave, every-day people share the most embarrassing artifacts from those wonkiest years of their youth. Diaries, songs, poems, letters, audiotapes, videos - the side of your life you imagined (hoped, prayed) would never see the light of day again. That's the star of the show.

markSanta Rosa’s initial ‘field trip’ show, which brought up readers from San Francisco (not in a school bus, but keep that image in your head for the sake of consistency) was a sold out, cram-packed event which left those lucky enough to be there begging for more. Kind of like those never-ending make-out sessions from your early hormonal years, but much less confusing. Tickets just went on sale and while they are indeed already selling at a surprisingly steady pace (people love underdog nerds, what can we say?!) there’s still time to get yours!

MeridethHere are just a few things you’ll get to hear about: one Santa Rosa woman’s quest for middle-school badassery; a grown man shares his insensitivity toward women by pretending he’s gay; a high school English teacher sings the original goth-loving lyrics written in her youth; and so much more!

PrintAlso featuring the improvisational hip-hop stylings of members of the San Francisco-based band The Freeze! And by ‘improvisational’ we mean, yes, they make up songs based on whatever they - and you - just heard for the first time ever.

It. Is. Phenomenal!

For tickets (and we’re not just saying should really buy yours NOW because they will, no-doubt-about-it, sell out), click here: TICKETS YAY!
For the Facebook event page and info, click here: SOCIAL CONNECTION YAY!
See you on April 30th at Annie O’s!

Mortified - Circle LogoMortified: We are Freaks, We are Fragile, and We All Survived.

Fresh Prints

In one of Santa Rosa’s many quaint and diverse West End neighborhoods, there is a gathering of friends, artists, neighbors and makers all showing up in one backyard for one reason: to support each other’s dreams.

Okay, maybe more than one reason, but that’s a big one.

The Fresh Prints Party was born when local artist Wil Smith purchased his dream press, a Sturgis cp5, and he wanted to print up some T-shirts for friends since he now had the perfect machine for high-volume printing. “I’ve always liked the idea of instant gratification,” said Smith about the idea to turn his new press into a reason to have an event.


“I was inspired by Drive by Press’ adventures driving around the country hitting events and schools printing woodblocks on t-shirts out of the back of a pickup, and we wanted to do something different than a party or a standard art reception.” So he, along with his wife Jacquie, decided to make an event out if it, asking a buddy who makes wine in his driveway to pour tastes during the day, and inviting friends to spread the word.

fpwil copy

The result was a long day of fun, hard work, making new friends, and wall-to-wall art. So much so that the Smiths decided to make it a regular thing, inviting a different artist each time to create original art to be printed on T-shirts.


The second Fresh Prints Party featured local tattoo artist Loren Butchart, who hand-carved out of linoleum blocks each of his eight prints over the course of several weeks leading up to the event. About the artists he invites in for the project, Smith says he chooses them “based on how I think their imagery will translate into relief printmaking.” So far, they’ve all been pretty badass.

fploren copy

Fresh Prints guests are welcome to bring their own T-shirts and textiles, or to use any that might be available at the party. They choose from a selection of prints designed specifically for the Fresh Prints party by the artist, head into the garage - aka Wil’s art studio/workshop - to hand off their shirt, then head to the backyard for some good old-fashioned community bonding.


The backyard is where friends hug hello, strangers discuss the best way to prepare abalone, kids weave through the legs of anyone in their way, and dogs trot around looking for pats and snacks. It is almost certain there will be a baby being passed around.

photo 2

Wil and Jacquie are a very community-driven couple, and they make a point to highlight the talents of their friends, as well. Hello Nomad Roadside Biscuits set up shop at the last Fresh Prints event and offered a small variety of biscuits and cookies baked that very morning in proprietress Victoria Wagner’s oven. An artist across many formats, Wagner recently took her love of creation to her oven when she realized how hard it was to find a good biscuit. Seems legit, right - see a need? Fill it. Done and done. Plus, the biscuits are freaking amazingly delicious, so there’s that, too.

fpwilsmithSet up right next to Victoria was Repo Red Winery, aka the underground hobby ‘winery’ of Paul Malone, longtime friend of Wil, Jacquie and Victoria, among many others in attendance. Having poured tastes at the first Fresh Prints party, Malone was happy to return. “This little backyard event is perfect for all of us,” said Malone. “We’re all just making our own functional art to share with our neighbors - whether it’s T-shirts or wine or biscuits. They all compliment each other and it’s really fun to share that.”
The number one word that comes to mind when talking to the guests, artists, volunteers and neighbors of a Fresh Prints party is, without question, Community. Jacquie, the welcoming embrace and sparkling matriarch of the Smith family, loves this the most. “The best part of the event to me is the community involvement and excitement. People and families are coming in and out all day, and even months later I will see a t-shirt on someone and get giddy.”

Santa Rosa is so cool, you guys.

Taking Music to the Next Level

Hear ye, hear ye, musicians and lovers of all things tunes: on April 15th, 16th and 17th Santa Rosa is hosting Next Level 2016, a Music Industry Showcase and Conference featuring a staggering amount of outstanding local and regional talent, resources and information about…well, the music industry, of course!

Brought to you by Creative Sonoma and The North Bay Hootenanny, Next Level is “designed to celebrate the musical talent and exploration occurring across the County and to provide advice and expertise to help local musicians move their careers forward.” Sounds pretty great, right?

First up will be The Showcase on April 15th and 16th. Produced by Second Octave Entertainment, The Showcase will be two days filled with over 30 acts featuring exceptional musical talent, all gracing three different stages at the Arlene Francis Center in Santa Rosa’s historic Railroad Square. Attendees will be treated to the rich diversity of sounds found in the creative community of the North Bay, including Royal Jelly Jive (swing), Ashley Allred (singer/songwriter), Mr. December (Americana), Lungs & Limbs (rock), Kevin Russell and the Rhythm Rangers (folk), and many, many others. For the full lineup check out

next level1

After hearing, playing and totally digging on two glorious days’ worth of music, on day 3, April 17th, all those from our local music scene have the opportunity to learn directly from regional and national music industry professionals at The Conference. This day-long informational extravaganza will be held at Chop’s Teen Center, also in Railroad Square.

Musicians and anyone else interested will be given a wealth of information during the panel discussions, which will focus on those pressing topics such as getting booked, developing a fan base and licensing your music. Also to look forward to, a keynote address from Griff Morris, senior manager of artist and industry strategy at Amazon Music. Amazon music! I hear Amazon is kind of a big deal, so…might be worth checking out. Also featured will be regional musician Lia Rose, whose music has been heard on ABC’s Nashville, in conversation with her producer/engineer Stephen Hart.

Other presenters include Al Evers (A-Train Entertainment), Chris Faville (Mongrel Agency), Josh Norek (Regalias Digitales/Latin Alternative Music Conference) and Julie Schuchard (Tricycle Records). Representatives will also be in attendance from the GRAMMY Awards, West Coast Songwriters Association and other national resources.

nextlevelOkay, now for the exciting part. I mean yes, all of these things are SUPER EXCITING, but this is even more exciting, if you can believe it…listen up: conference attendees will have the opportunity to submit proposals to win one of five $2,500 grants to help them take their careers to the next level!

You guys! As a huge fan of the Santa Rosa music scene, I want all of you to take your careers to the next level! Please go check it out and make my vicarious dreams come true!
Tickets for The Showcase are $20/day in advance, or $30 for both days, (or $22/$32 at the door, respectively). Pro Tip: don’t wait til the day of, people. This thing will sell out. Get those tickets now, right HERE.
Registration for The Conference is $15. Find info and sign up HERE · ·

Contact Info:

Showcase                                                                              Conference

Arlene Francis Center                                                             Chop’s Teen Center

Friday and Saturday, April 15-16, 2016                               Sunday, April 17, 2016

Friday Doors @7pm, Saturday Doors @ 5pm                    10:00 am – 5:30 pm

Josh Windmiller, North Bay Hootenanny                           Kristen Madsen, Creative Sonoma                                         

707.326.5274                                                                          707-565-6120






48 Hours In SR, v2: Dani Burlison

If you live in Santa Rosa and haven’t had visitors yet, just wait; you will. We here at OutThereSR have taken it upon ourselves to collect some favorite activities of people who actually live here. We asked them what they would choose to do if given 48 hours in Santa Rosa. Over the next few months we’ll be sharing what we found, so the next time your favorite uncle in Nebraska needs a getaway, you’ll be ready.

I asked local writer and Santa Rosa Junior College instructor Dani Burlison what 48 hours of showing friends around Santa Rosa would look like for her. This is what she had for us. (Pro tip: this article is going to be full of links since it’s chock full of places to check out. Don't hesitate to click away for a deeper dive into these cool destinations!)

Day 1

flying-goat-coffee-santa-rosa"The awesome thing about living in Santa Rosa is our proximity to so many cool things. On the first day, we’d get coffee at Flying Goat followed by a drive out to Bodega Bay and a hike at Pomo Canyon, which is the best hiking spot in Sonoma County with its redwoods and ferns and views of the Russian River AND the Pacific. We’d picnic at Shell Beach after the hike, and then walk along Kortum trail so we can check out the DIY community labyrinth (while meditating on the wonders and legacy of David Bowie).

church"On the way back to Santa Rosa, we'd of course stop at the church where The Birds was filmed in Bodega, then eat at the super-old, roadhouse-esque Casino, where legendary Santa Rosa restaurateur Mark Malicki serves his delicious food. After that we’d head back to Santa Rosa for an ice cream at Frozen Art in Roseland.

Day 2

museum"We’d again start with coffee, this time at this cool little spot, Brew, which serves both caffeine and beer, depending on what we need. We’d visit the Sonoma County Museum, it’s fairly nearby and always cool to check out, especially for out-of-towners. Then we’d take a morning hike up to Lake Ilsanjo at Annadel because I can’t let my visiting friends leave without a hike and seeing what I get to see all the time.

east-west-cafe"We’d have lunch at East West, which is super healthy and has a lot of gluten-free and vegan options for us pseudo hippies, followed by a matinee at Summerfield Cinemas; it’s perfect for my art nerd friends because they show great independent and artsy films and have popcorn with real butter!

la-texanita"We'd hit La Texanita in Roseland for fish tacos where those of us who actually live in Santa Rosa have been coming for ages, long before that Guy Fieri featured it on his program. We’d finish up with a cocktail in the mafia booth at Jack and Tony's whiskey bar in Railroad Square.

I have to agree with Dani. Many an evening has ended in the mafia booth at Jack and Tony’s, that’s for sure. Are we hitting any of your local favorites? Check back soon for more ideas for things to do with 48 hours in Santa Rosa, and in the meantime, share some of your go-to activities in the comments!