How many brews could a homebrewer brew if a homebrewer brewed at Brew?

Step aside, coffee – this is a job for beer. I stumbled across that statement online and found it pleasantly amusing. Perhaps a bit sad from the viewpoint of someone who enjoys neither, but they’re probably the same folks that don’t find Seinfeld funny.

So how does this tie into a homebrew competition? Well, there just so happens to be a very special one happening on October 27th at Brew, and the details should make any sud-loving bean fiend (possible beer name?) tickled with excitement.

fridge-with-beer-home brew

If you haven’t been, Brew is located in historic downtown Santa Rosa and has a fun array of coffee-infused beverages, amazing craft beer & cider, and tasty food items that won’t run you more than ten bucks a pop. Menu choices are carefully created from organic, locally sourced ingredients, which is always a great way to showcase the collective awesomeness of any region, especially our very own Sonoma County.

I’m a huge fan of the aforementioned goodies, so my personal interest in Brew was a no-brainer right off the bat. Take my money, damn it!


The homebrew competition is in its third year, so you can definitely expect at least one person there to say, rather justifiably, “This ain’t my first rodeo.” On top of cleverly placed catchphrases, you can also look forward to the fact that operations will be even more dialed in after two previous years learned experience – a positive thing for any event.

Another cool aspect of the event is that many of the folks entering this competition will no doubt have professional aspirations of ascending to a commercial brewing level. How many of you beer fans would’ve loved to try Ricardo Norgrove’s Red Rocket homebrew, long before Bear Republic made Racer 5? How about Tony Magee’s original Lagunitas IPA? Vinnie’s early versions of Blind Pig?

Home Brew Competition

Well, given the rapid growth of Santa Rosa brewing, one can only imagine that a trip to Brew’s homebrew competition may be a ticket to a long enduring flavor memory, one which you can bust out ever so coyly at future gatherings. “This one time, at Brew…”

The piece de resistance is the competition’s solitary flavor guideline: the homebrewed beer must include coffee. Don’t you wish all official rules were as flat-out amazing as that?

Home Brew competition

This is of particular interest to those of us that enjoy the bitter, roasty characteristics of the almighty coffee bean, as well its uplifting effects. Four Loko made this combination illegal for countless companies, but it’s craft beer and we don’t pander to the laws of mere mortals.

Many of us love coffee stouts and porters, but it’ll be great to see what the more intrepid  brewers concoct when given this parameter. Who can forget how awesome HenHouse’s coffee saison is?

That’s it for now, hope to see everyone doing their taste buds and Santa Rosa-minded souls a favor by getting out to the event.

Brew is at 555 Healdsburg Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA 95401

You can learn more about Brew’s Home Brew Competition here.