If you live in Santa Rosa and haven’t had visitors yet, just wait; you will. We here at OutThereSR have taken it upon ourselves to collect some favorite activities of people who actually live here. We asked them what they would choose to do if given 48 hours in Santa Rosa. Over the next few months we’ll be sharing what we found, so the next time your favorite uncle in Nebraska needs a getaway, you’ll be ready.

I asked local writer and Santa Rosa Junior College instructor Dani Burlison what 48 hours of showing friends around Santa Rosa would look like for her. This is what she had for us. (Pro tip: this article is going to be full of links since it’s chock full of places to check out. Don’t hesitate to click away for a deeper dive into these cool destinations!)

Day 1

flying-goat-coffee-santa-rosa“The awesome thing about living in Santa Rosa is our proximity to so many cool things. On the first day, we’d get coffee at Flying Goat followed by a drive out to Bodega Bay and a hike at Pomo Canyon, which is the best hiking spot in Sonoma County with its redwoods and ferns and views of the Russian River AND the Pacific. We’d picnic at Shell Beach after the hike, and then walk along Kortum trail so we can check out the DIY community labyrinth (while meditating on the wonders and legacy of David Bowie).

church“On the way back to Santa Rosa, we’d of course stop at the church where The Birds was filmed in Bodega, then eat at the super-old, roadhouse-esque Casino, where legendary Santa Rosa restaurateur Mark Malicki serves his delicious food. After that we’d head back to Santa Rosa for an ice cream at Frozen Art in Roseland.

Day 2

museum“We’d again start with coffee, this time at this cool little spot, Brew, which serves both caffeine and beer, depending on what we need. We’d visit the Sonoma County Museum, it’s fairly nearby and always cool to check out, especially for out-of-towners. Then we’d take a morning hike up to Lake Ilsanjo at Annadel because I can’t let my visiting friends leave without a hike and seeing what I get to see all the time.

east-west-cafe“We’d have lunch at East West, which is super healthy and has a lot of gluten-free and vegan options for us pseudo hippies, followed by a matinee at Summerfield Cinemas; it’s perfect for my art nerd friends because they show great independent and artsy films and have popcorn with real butter!

la-texanita“We’d hit La Texanita in Roseland for fish tacos where those of us who actually live in Santa Rosa have been coming for ages, long before that Guy Fieri featured it on his program. We’d finish up with a cocktail in the mafia booth at Jack and Tony’s whiskey bar in Railroad Square.

I have to agree with Dani. Many an evening has ended in the mafia booth at Jack and Tony’s, that’s for sure. Are we hitting any of your local favorites? Check back soon for more ideas for things to do with 48 hours in Santa Rosa, and in the meantime, share some of your go-to activities in the comments!