It Takes Three


Look, over on Mendocino Avenue. It’s a brewing company. It’s a taproom. Wait, it’s an event space. In fact, 3 Disciples is all three. So, let’s start with a few beers. When three beer-loving buddies got together to turn their adherent following of the gospel of hops into a brewery, their mission was clear. James, Matt and Luke set out to make beers that they would love, in the hopes that followers would come to see the light. (And the dark and the hazy for that matter.) Turns out, their favorite beers cover a crazy-wide range of styles. On the list at any given time you’ll find a Gose, a Saison, a Marzen, even a Hard Seltzer. In between there’s every kind of ale, from Pat’s Blue Ribbon Pilsner to a Meet the Coneheads Hazy IPA and an Imperial Stout called Lunar Halo. If you want some eats with your brew, 3 Disciplines has partnerships with a handful of right-around-the-corner restaurants. Order up and it arrives fresh and hot in a few minutes.

3 Disciplines Brewing doesn’t brew on site, but that just saves room for The Room. As you walk past the bar, through a spacious hang-out area and outside courtyard, you come to the event space. It’s like nothing else you’ve ever seen at a brew pub. With a decent size room for live shows, 3 Disciples has quickly become one of Santa Rosa’s top event venues. Just a quick peruse of their event calendar reveals a range of musical styles, comedy shows, including the popular Family Feud. There are webcasts and big games on the giant screen. It’s a great gig with amazing beer. Heavenly.

3 Disciples is open Monday > Thursday from 2 PM to 10 PM, Friday from 1 PM to 11 PM, Satureday from Noon to 11 PM and Sunday Noon to 9 PM.

Visit them at 501 Mendocino Ave. or at