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Quietly, perhaps while you were looking the other way, Santa Rosa has assembled an eclectic and thriving arts scene with hundreds of visual artists, dozens of performing arts organizations, and a diverse collection of galleries and other venues. From large-scale gallery installations to hidden warehouses, from vibrant street art to spontaneous happenings, Santa Rosa is the epicenter for Art (that’s right, capital A, folks) with something for every artist, collector, educator or dilettante to enjoy.



Out of Order 2 – Mural Exhibit

Out of Order 2 will feature over 45 artists from all over the Bay Area. Look for aerosol art, fine art, wheat paste, mixed multi-media sculpture and interactive installations. This free event is open to all ages with donations greatly accepted at the entrance.


The Ultimate Art & Wine Pairing

Over ten years ago, husband and wife team Kent Humphrey and Colleen Teitgen set out on a two-part mission to create premium wine, and to also offer exposure to emerging artists. What resulted is the incomparable smash-up of fine art and fine wine that is Eric Kent Wines.


Draw Freely and Leave An Exquisite Corpse

Adults and kids sat around tables covered with paper, pens, markers, crayons and cut-up pictures to play Exquisite Corpse, a collaborative game originally played with poetry dating back to the Parisian Surrealist Movement, but in modern times is often found being played with drawing.


Shop Arty

On Sunday, December 18th, Santa Rosa’s annual Shop Party once again gathers together some incredible artists and makers in one spot to make your shopping easier.

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